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You don't have to walk the path alone. Let me be your guide - leading you to a life of recovery and redemption from sexual sin.

Mentoring You To Freedom

You don’t have to walk the path alone. I’d love to be your guide, walking with you to a life of recovery and redemption from sexual brokenness.

Mentoring You To Freedom

You don't have to walk the path alone. Let me be your guide - leading you to a life of recovery and redemption from sexual sin.

Mentoring You To Freedom

Guided Road To Recovery

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In most cases we can start one on one mentoring in a week or less. If you are like me, when I started my recovery journey it was at a crucial time when a lot was at stake. Why wait to get started?

I personally know the path to recovery. I will guide you through hand picked resources and proven methods. All the while being able to help you see what lies ahead. I know the difficulties you are facing as well as the freedom you can find on the other side.

I mentor men from around the world through secure and private virtual meeting rooms.

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That is where I was and where you probably are too. I was hopeless. I WAS there but I am not anymore. I have seen what hope looks like and what freedom can be. The lightness you can feel when you actually have sustained periods of freedom is like a breath of fresh air. My goal with my clients is to give you practical steps to work on your recovery while also showing you that true freedom is found firstly in the place of connecting to HIM. I would be honored to walk this path with you.

Hi! I'm Nate. I bring a unique blend of experience to the table. Coaching for 5 years, living cross culturally for 9 and working for a non profit for 15. I have the skills to mentor you through your recovery journey. More then that though I have been there. I have sat in my shame and the reality of the pain and damage I had done to others and could not see a way out. I looked at my actions and my struggles and they seemed impossible to be free of.

Requires initial six month commitment.

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Per Month



No long term contract. Cancel at any time.​

Group Mentoring

Mentoring Services

1-1 Mentoring

Looking for community? Want to connect with other men who are also working their recovery? Then group mentoring could be for you. I will cap my groups at 8 to keep discussion and connection easier. If there is not a group available now, I will put you on a waitlist until the next one starts. Click below to fill out the group mentoring application. When we have enough men to get started we will meet weekly for an hour.

We will make a plan together for your recovery journey that is both personal to you and fully utilizes tools that I highly recommend. We will meet every two weeks online for an hour. On the off weeks you will have a 15 minute check up with me available to schedule.

What Is This Anyway?

I am sure many of you are wondering what I mean by mentoring. Is this coaching? Is this accountability? What is this? Great questions! This is not accountability. As many of you have found out accountability alone doesn’t always work. What I am offering through my mentoring is me being engaged with you on every level of your recovery journey. I will give you a plan with resources and guidance and also give you my own insights from my journey. I will be in it with you, the good, the bad, the ugly. BUT it will require you to be committed. A huge thing I learned in my own reconvey journey is that it's not a quick fix and it will take your commitment to really see growth. You need to be ready to invest time, money and energy. The biggest thing that drove me to become a mentor was my deep desire to engage with men like you on a deep level as you go on your own journey. You don’t have to do it alone!

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